Tomrrow we will once again be having a skirt/vest sale. I have only heard from 3 people regarding attending so hoping the rest who need dresses will be showing up!   For those dancers who prefer not to wear the skirt/vest, the Ireland dress situation is slowly being sorted.  Once we do the OIR tryouts we will have a better idea of when we can do that sale.  For those in novice who want to wait for that but have already signed up for feises, you may wear a black bodysuit/black skirt or our skirt with body suit/shawl.   This is the same as the Osullivan gold skirt/bodysuit.   Dancers in Prizewinner and up are the only dancers who should be buying solo dresses per the rules of NAFC & CLRG Costume Committee.   Dancers who crossover between prizewinner / novice may have solo dresses but keep in mind, with the changing rules you may have to change into class dress for novice dances.  This is not being enforced right now but  was discussed at the Irish Dance teachers mini-convention and will be on the floor at our large convention in July.    I would hate for anyone to be spending a lot of money on a solo dress that they may only be able to wear for one or 2 dances so decide wisely.   

Finally, for those who will do black bodysuit, please email me so I can make sure you get the correct bodysuit (collar bone must be covered, long sleeves.  We have had one of our CHAMPION dancers wearing SKIRT/BODYSUIT at feises as her dress was not ready and she WON FIRST and all the feiseanna she competed at.   JUDGES ARE NOT JUDGING COSTUME but they do need to be appropriate.

Hope to see you all out at the walk tomorrow morning!